The MMSS Down to Earth Garden Group is a great small group of people who love to share their knowledge in gardening and sharing produce with the community. The Down to Earth community garden would like to acknowledge and thank the Mid Murray Council for the small community grant in September 2018.

The garden has been awash with workers and volunteers planning and installing an automatic watering system which will provide water to plants where it is needed most, i.e. the roots. This system can be regulated to provide more water during times of greatest need. There are a number of stations so the water needs of different plants can be catered for. This is a far more efficient method of watering, minimising run off or under watering that is associated with sprinklers or hand watering. It will leave our very small band of regular volunteers free to do other tasks.

Thanks go to Mid Murray Support Service for financial and personal support during the grant process. Thanks to Nigel at Mannum Hardware for financial support. The garden has 2 bright yellow wicking beds donated by Cheryl. Thank you. Please visit our garden anytime, enjoy the birdsong and the laughter of visiting children. You are welcome to pick a small amount of produce but we would appreciate a donation of your time or a gold coin.

Please drop in Wednesday mornings 10am to 12 am to help care for our beautiful community garden. The gardeners are only too pleased to show off their bloomers, and strawberries and parsley etc.