AddsUP has been developed in collaboration with NAB and helps people on low incomes develop financial independence through savings. Savings of $500 are matched dollar for dollar.

Adelaide Benevolent Society 

The Society assists people of all backgrounds and circumstances, including young families, single parents, individuals, new migrants to the state and refugees.

In addition to the provision of subsidised accommodation, the Society also assists people with the cost of utilities and helps in cases of unforeseen emergency.

Safe and secure housing and the ability to provide for yourself and your family are basic human requirements and something Adelaide Benevolent is committed to helping more people achieve.

Adolescent Youth Homelessness

Is for Young people aged 15 to 25 years who are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Aged Care Complaints 

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner has a range of resources to:

  • help people receiving aged care, their families, friends and representatives understand their options to provide feedback, raise a concern or make a complaint within the aged care service or with us.
  • support aged care services, health services and advocacy services to display and provide information about how people can make a complaint with the aged care service or with us.
  • educate people about best practice handling of complaints and the issues arising from such complaints.

Aged Rights Advocacy Service  South Australia (ARAS)

The Aged Rights Advocacy Service Inc (ARAS) is a not-for-profit community based organisation, providing advocacy support since 1990.

It is an independent, rights based organisation that aims to promote and protect the rights and wellbeing of older people, through the provision of information, education, support and representation.

The Aged Rights Advocacy Service is commonly known as ARAS.

ARAS offers a free, statewide and confidential advocacy service.

Talking Books are now available. Click here to view them.

Ambulance Cover

You cannot predict when or where; you or your loved ones will need an ambulance, so it is critical that our Ambulance Cover scheme offers members peace of mind should they be involved in an emergency.  

Asbestos – Mesothelioma – Here you will find all the things you’ll need to navigate mesothelioma treatment, build a support network, find financial assistance and explore your legal options.

Mesothelioma Information

Australian Government – Your Connection with the Government

You will find many links to Government Departments and Information on this site.

Australian Hearing    has information to help people manage their hearing impairment so they have a better quality of life.


The Department of Human Services may offer you a BasicsCard. You don’t need to accept the BasicsCard when you first start Income Management, you can ask for one at any time while on Income Management.


The Centrelink website ( has been incorporated into the Department of Human Services website The new site is a convenient, single entry point for health, social and welfare payments and services.

Centrelink Advance Payment

You may be eligible to receive part of your Centrelink payment in advance. Whether you can access an advance payment depends on the type of payment you receive, how long you have been receiving it and the amount that you receive.

CFS – Country Fire Service

What the CFS Does

The CFS attends around 8 000 incidents each year. These incidents include:

  • Bushfires
  • Structure and Motor Vehicle Fires
  • Road Crash Rescue
  • Hazardous Material Spills
  • Support the SA Metropolitan Fire Service and State Emergency Service and the CFS also works closely with local government to perform the important role of fuel removal, bushfire prevention and community bushfire and fire safety education

Centacare for assistance in Domestic Violence

Centacare for assistance in Homelessness

Click on the links above  for Domestic Violence and Homelessness information.        SCY works with children and young people who are showing early signs or are at risk of developing mental illness, to improve their wellbeing

Communities for Children are a service to ensure children have the best start in life. It does this by focusing on targeted prevention and early intervention approaches that bring about positive outcomes for young children and their families.

Child Care Fee Assistance

Helps with the cost of approved child care for eligible parents undertaking activities such as job search, work, study, training, or undertaking rehabilitation to enter, or re-enter the workforce as part of an Employment Pathway Plan or Participation Plan.

Community Centres  SA

Community Centres SA Incorporated is the peak body for Community and Neighbourhood Centres across South Australia. Established in 1983 as Community and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association, Community Centres SA acts as a catalyst for community development through the provision of services, support, advice, advocacy and professional development opportunities, working with members on a statewide basis. Community Centres SA is a proud member of the Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA), representing 1,000 centres nationally.

Country Women’s Association

SACWA provides assistance to families in need through the SACWA Emergency Aid Fund through recommendation from a Social Worker, Rural Counsellor or Association members.

Court Fines & Payments 

If you cannot afford to pay your expiation notice in full to the issuing authority by the due date you may be eligible to apply for relief to pay by installments.  This arrangement must be made with the Fines Payment Unit prior to the due date.

Consumer Concessions

Find out if you are eligible for a concession such as a medical heating and cooling concession on your home energy bills.

Disability Support

For Disability Support and Services available click on the link above.

Financial Assistance – click Here

If you or someone you know is experiencing financial stress, there are services that can help.

Funeral Assistance Program

People who have recently experienced the death of a family member and who cannot raise the funds, after all options have been tried, may be eligible to receive a basic funeral and related expenses through the Funeral Assistance Program run by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

People unable to raise funds, who are on a Centrelink benefit or have a low income, may be able to receive assistance with a basic funeral. This is normally a cremation service, except in certain cultural circumstances. If the cultural requirements for a burial are not agreed to families may elect to pay the difference between a cremation and a burial.

HOMELESS? – for anyone who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Click here to be taken to the link with the number to call for assistance

Indigenous Education Foundation

The Rosemary Bishop Indigenous Education Scholarship program aims to provide Indigenous children with the opportunity to access a first class education at one of Australia’s high achieving secondary boarding schools.

Justice of the Peace Services

JPs are volunteers who offer their time freely and may not be available at all times. Note that only the name, suburb and telephone number of JPs are available to members of the public. Click on the link below.

Justice of the Peace Search

Louisa Da Costa Trust

The trust is a charitable body which plays a vital role in providing financial assistance to approved public hospital patients of limited means.

Low Income Support Program – Directory

Low Income Support Program

Medical Heating and Cooling Concession

This energy concession assists South Australians on a fixed or low income who have a clinically verified medical condition which requires the frequent use of heating or cooling in the home to prevent the severe worsening of their condition.

Mid Murray Council

The Mid Murray Council area comprises land within regions generally known as the Murraylands, Riverland and the eastern slopes of the Mount Lofty Ranges. The major topographical feature of the area being the valley of the River Murray with some 220 kms of this picturesque waterway passing through the district.

Mid Murray Family Connections

The Mid Murray Family Connections (MMFC) network is a group of members representing government and non-government agencies, community groups and concerned citizens living and working across the Mid Murray region. Our members work in schools, child-care settings, kindergarten, support agencies, churches, social and health services. And our community members might be the person living next door!

My Aged Care 

myagedcare      has information on a wide range of community, aged care and support services. You can find advice about what help is available, assistance at home, aged care homes, and caring for someone

Your Rights & Responsibilities – click on the link below

provides general information about your rights as a consumer of health services. This includes your right to

  • information, 
  • consent to treatment
  • confidentiality of your personal health information 
  • receive appropriate care

The booklet also includes information about how you can participate in decision-making about your health care and summarises your responsibilities as a consumer of health services.

Click here to be taken to the website for more information

NDIS – As a registered NDIS provider, Centacare looks forward to working in partnership with you to bring your NDIS plan to life. In choosing Centacare, you will be supported to design your own tailored support program to suit your needs, ensuring stability, security and consistency throughout your journey as an NDIS participant.

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

People on low or fixed incomes who have a Centrelink concession card who may not be eligible for a bank loan.  NILS can only be used for approved purchases and is not able to be used to repay existing debt.

OPAL (Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle)

OPAL (Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle) is a program that supports children, through their families and communities, to be healthy now, and stay healthy for life. Established in South Australia in 2009, OPAL is coordinated through local government and works with communities to create opportunities to eat well and be active. As at June 2013, OPAL is active in 20 local communities across the State and one additional community in the Northern Territory.

Parents Cybersafety for KIDS online

By understanding how young people use the internet and what they enjoy doing will help you to recognise any suspicious or inappropriate behaviour. It will also help you to talk with your child about their online activities if they think you understand the online environment.

Parental controls are useful when young children have access to mobile phones or tablets. They allow you to restrict what content can be accessed on these devices. Placing parental controls on devices can ensure that your children are only able to access age-appropriate material.

Personal Alert System – you may be eligible for a rebateTo be eligible for a rebate, an application must meet ALL the listed criteria:

  • Be aged 75 years or older (If of Aboriginal descent, 65 years or older.)
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Be a permanent resident of South Australia
  • Live alone or with someone who is unable to get to the phone in an emergency
  • For further details on PAS rebate scheme, visit the SA Government website

Click in this link to find out more

Regional Brand Awards

The South Australian Regional Awards are held annually to celebrate and showcase the achievements of individuals, groups and organisations that have made significant contributions to regional South Australia.

SA Dental Rescue Program

A Dental Service community dental clinics provide a range of dental services to eligible adults at clinics throughout South Australia.Adults (or their adult dependents) with a current Pensioner Concession Card (Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs) or a health care card are eligible to receive a range of general and emergency dental services through the community dental clinic.

Salvation Army Murray Bridge Contact 

Salvation Army Web Page link

Saver Plus

The Matched Savings Scheme Payment is available for eligible customers.  It may be available to you if you have an income managed payment, have completed an approved Money Management course and are able to demonstrate a savings pattern.

 Social Services (Department Of )

Our vision is a strong and fair society for all Australian.  Our mission is to support our Minister by collaboratively developing and implementing excellent social policy.

Spectacles Scheme

If you are eligible for a subsidy through the Scheme, they will prescribe your lenses or contact lenses and assist you to select your frames.
You will receive an account for the reduced cost of the spectacles or contact lenses, with the amount of the subsidy already deducted.

Most optometrists in South Australia participate in the Spectacles Scheme. You can check if your optometrist participates by contacting them directly or by calling us on 1300 762 577. Step Up Loan 

Step-Up Loans are for people on low income and can be applied for through UCW Bowden.  They are a low interest National Australia Bank loan product that has been developed in conjunction with Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service and is now offered in SA, Vic, NSW, Qld, Tas and WA through non-government agencies.


Volunteer driver transport – medical appointments, shopping, social

Who can access (eligibility):Frail aged people, people with a disability and transport disadvantaged living in the southern section of the Mid Murray Council (subject to assessment)

Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS)

The Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS) provides subsidies to assist those who live in rural South Australia who need to travel more than 100 kilometres (km) – each way – to access necessary and approved medical specialist services not available locally.

Transition to Independent Living Allowance (TILA)

The Transition to Independent Living Allowance (TILA) is one-off support from the Australian Government to help young people who are leaving Care to meet some of the costs involved in moving to independent living.

If you are eligible for TILA you can get assistance of up to $1,500 in paying for some of the things you need to successfully make the transition to independence.

Wyatt Grants

The Wyatt Trust offers opportunities for South Australians experiencing poverty so they can lead satisfying, productive lives and participate more actively in the community.