Our Scrooges Op Shop is open Monday to Sunday. We are taking all the necessary precautions for the safety of our volunteers, customers and

This includes:

· Hand sanitiser available at the entry of the shop

· Contact Tracing Sign In (Name / Phone Number and Entry Time)

· Increased cleaning within the shop

· COVID Marshals on duty

Please do not visit our shop if you or someone in your household have experienced flu like symptoms in the last 14 days. Thank you for your kindness and patience during this time.

OP Shops are an integral fabric to Australian society. Whether it is the volunteers that staff them, the diversity and inexpensive clothes they provide, or the opportunity to participate by donating, Australians love OP shops

Here are some reasons for you to love shopping in Scrooges OP Shop:-

It’s Fun – You never know what you’re going to find and the hunt brings with it a thrill that is
addictive. Contain your inner thrill for hunting and rustle through seemingly bottomless boxes of scarves, hats and bags, dresses, furniture, bric a brac, books and Items of furniture to find a hidden gem that perfectly fits your taste. Search the racks of colourful tops and dresses until you find that perfect print, in the perfect fit. Leave no corner unturned! The search can be just as fun as any purchase; let your heart sing when you take the items home and take pleasure in your treasures.

It’s good for the earth – We are now living in a never-ending disposable world. We want something, we buy it, we wear it (or sometimes don’t!), we buy a computer and then dispose of it. Repeat! It’s not all our fault; we are bombarded with marketing 24/7 and the pressure to build social media perfect life has never been higher. This, combined with cheap labour and textile imports, makes clothing less valuable than ever before. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are enough clothes in the world already, why do we need a dress to be made brand new for us, every time we need to go to a party? Op-shopping can provide the endorphin rush of retail therapy but without the same environmental implications. It allows you to reuse and recycle and still rock a new party dress

It’s good for other people – Clothes are made by real people, many of whom are subjected to horrific working conditions and are far from being adequately compensated. The fast fashion industry produces what it thinks we want, and we keep buying it. We want more, and we want it cheaper, and we want it now.

The best way to send a message to big businesses is to vote with your wallet. Op-shopping is an easy alternative. Someone may have worked up a sweat over the piece of clothing that you’re wearing, or the piece of furniture in your house but by giving it a second chance and showing it some love (after it has been discarded and thankfully, donated) means that their efforts were not made completely in vain.

It donates money back to the Community – Profits from your purchases injects funding into our local community. The purchase of one item can provide much-needed assistance to a disadvantaged member of the community.

Our community thrives because you care.

At Scrooges we are unable to accept Mattresses / Fridges or Freezers.

Clothing that is not suitable for selling, or does not sell, is packed into bags and sold as rags. These bags of rags are collected on a regular basis by another organisation.

Please remember that the volunteers at the Op Shop are mostly ladies so if you are dropping off or collecting furniture please bring a “strong” person with you.

We can also help with deceased estates. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming trying to clear a home of a lifetime of memories.

If you require help please call us on 8569 1892.